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“My Papa Is The Best” Event organized on Father’s Day

17 Jun

“My Papa Is The Best” Event organized on Father’s Day

Deepshikha Mahila Bal Utthan Samiti and Deepshikha’s Compucord organized Event- “My Papa Is The Best” on occasion of Father’s Day. Event organized at Deepshikha’s Compucord, Hatwara Road, Sodala, Jaipur.
Dr. Kiran Prajapati President of Deepshikha Mahila Bal Utthan Samiti told that Event included Card Making Competition in which students from different schools and colleges participated and showed the love for father by making beautiful cards. Students also quoted messages to their father including-
“The Greatest Gift I ever had come from God- I Call Him Dad”, “Father gives me many gifts, he loves me very much, he do hard work for family – I love My Father”, “A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow.” “My dad is simply the greatest man I have ever known and I’m so proud to call him mine.”, “Thank you Dad for all you have done for me”, “He can play like a kid, give advise like a friends and protect like a body guard.”, “A Father means so many things, An understanding heart, A source of strength and support right from the very start.”, “You are everything to me, Whom i can share my all secrets, You are always there to help me, May u live long”, etc.
Shikhar Prajapati Director of Deepshikha’s Compucord told that all participants honored with Participation Certificates and Prizes and also offered educational scholarships.
Gulbahar Khan, Megha Soni and Aayushi Arya chosen as the Best Card Designers in the Event.
Event supported by Simply Jaipur.

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Event- “Swasthya Baccha Swasthya Bharat” on World Health Day

8 Apr


Event- “Swasthya Baccha Swasthya Bharat” on  World Health Day




World Health Day organized by Deeepshikha Mahila Bal Utthan Samiti and Deepshikha’s Compucord. “Swasthya Baccha Swasthya Bharat” Event organized at Govt. Senior Secondary School, Ganpati Nagar, Jaipur on 7 April,2014. Event includes Medical Checkup of students, eye checkup, dental checkup. Medical Checkup organized by Medical Team of Deepshikha Mahila Bal Utthan Samiti inducing experienced doctors and staff members including- Doctors – Dr. Kiran Prajapati, Dr. Banwari Lal, Dr. RP Kothari, Dr. Vivek Jain  and supporting Staff- Vinod Kumawat, Anita, Javed and Pawan. 215 school students benefited in the medical checkup.

Deeepshikha Mahila Bal Utthan Samiti President- Dr. Kiran Prajapati told the participating student that every year World Health Day celebrated on 7 April around the world. This s year theme is – “Water borne Diseases”. In India mainly- malaria, plague, chikangunya, lymphatic filariasis, dengue are the common water borne diseases. Following measures to be taken care for prevention of water borne diseases-

  • Prevent stagnation of water
  • Make arrangements for water drainage
  • Clean the containers, tanks, etc. used to store water and cooler once a week
  • Cover water stored in the house
  • In high mosquito density areas, use mosquito nets while sleeping
  • Wear protective clothing to prevent mosquito bite
  • Take advice from doctor if suffered from disease
  • Ensure proper water disposal, maintain cleanliness and sanitation

At the end, Sh. Damodar Tiwari – Principal- of Govt. Senior Secondary School, Ganpati Nagar, Jaipur told the students to do exercise and take healthy nutritious diet to be active and healthy.


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