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Social Welfare Project- Awareness Generation Activities

19 Nov

Social Welfare Project- Awareness Generation Activities

Reputed NGO Deepshikha Mahila Bal Utthan Samiti will  provide  awareness generation on different issues including- equality, environment  protection, welfare of disable and senior citizens, women empowerment, youth empowerment, population control, health and fitness, water and sanitation, etc.

Pls. help the NGO  in  organizing awareness generation activities by helping through Donations.

Donation utilized for rent, honarium to subject specialist, arrangements.

Donation Required – Rs. 7500 for 50 candidates for 1 Awareness Generation Activity

Pls. like – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Reputed-NGO-Deepshikha-Mahila-Bal-Utthan-Samiti/147537971963308?fref=ts

Visit- http://dsmbus.com/